Mitch Mitchell was found dead in his hotel room in Portland, USA on November 12th 2008. With his death, the last living and vibrating bit of the original Jimi Hendrix Experience has left this planet.

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Why a website dedicated to Mitch Mitchell?

Well, just listen to the first few bars of "Fire" by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and hopefully you´ll know...
This and other grooves by Mitch have triggered whole generations of drummers to start playing their instruments, and still are.
Another good method to measure Mitch´s importance for the
Experience sound is to look at cover matter how brilliant the guitarist might be, there is always something missing from the original sound....the drums!
Playing with Jimi has undoubtedly been the highpoint of Mitch´s career. While this gave him the freedom to follow his own ideas, and really play, it also had the effect of being overlooked, and overpowered by the super-hype created around Jimi Hendrix. If people talk about the Experience, they most of all talk about Jimi, rather than the group.
It should be noted, that Mitch had an essential impact on Jimi´s playing, offering directions and counterplay situations rarely seen elsewhere in rock.
There is a general lack of websites on influential drummers. Ever tried looking for sites about (for example) Tony Williams?
There is none!
For some time, there used to be a website about Mitch called "Beginnings", but that one has disappeared completely.
I thought it´s about time to create another one.
On this website, you´ll find lots of pictures, transcriptions of grooves and licks, a detailed chronology, discography, etc...
This website is focusing on Mitch Mitchell, the drummer; more general info on Mitch can be found at Wikipedia....or Google.

Hope you will enjoy it!

Please feel free to contact me with questions, additions,etc...