Interview with Mitch by H.C. Schmidt - Hotel Intercontinental, Frankfurt, Germany, May 17th 1967 (mp3)

Post -concert interview with Mitch Mitchell - Atwood Hall, Worcester, March 15th 1968 (mp3)

Interview with Mitch and Noel by Hugh Curry - 25 Brook Street, London, January 7th 1969 (mp3)

Talk-In - Mitch Mitchell
Sounds 11 December 1971 Interview: Dick Meadows

Mitch Mitchell - DRUM! Magazine 1998


ASSORTED DRUMS SOLOS (1967-1972) mp3

PLEASE NOTE: none of these snippets have been officially released. They are almost all sourced from audience recordings made at Jimi Hendrix concerts about 40(!) years ago. Don´t expect stereo hifi sound. Furhermore, I cannot supply you with copies of these recordings. Don´t even try, any mails with such requests will not be answered.

* Dans-In, Gröna Lund, Stockholm, September 4th 1967

* Stora Salen, Lund, Sweden, September 10th 1967

* Vitus Studios, Bussum, Netherlands, November 10th 1967

* Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark, January 7th 1968

* Will Rogers Auditorium, Ft. Worth, USA, February 17th 1968

* Music Hall, Houston, USA, February 18th 1968

* Winterland, San Francisco, USA October 10th 1968 (second show)

* Winterland, San Francisco, USA October 11th 1968 (second show)

* Philharmonic Hall, New York, USA, November 28th 1968

* Lorensburg Circus, Gothenburg, Sweden, January 8th 1969

* Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria, January 22nd 1969

* Sportpalast, Berlin, Germany, January 23rd 1969

* Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, February 24th 1969

* Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto, Canada, May 3rd 1969

* Madison Square Garden, New York, USA, May 18th 1969

* Newport Pop Festival, Devonshire, USA, June 20th 1969

* Denver Pop Festival, Denver, USA, June 29th 1969

* LA Forum, Los Angeles, USA, April 25th 1970

* Dane County Coliseum, Madison, USA, May 2nd 1970

* Field House, Norman, Oklahoma,USA , May 8th 1970

* Liseberg, Gothenburg, Sweden, September 1st 1970

* Vejlby Risskov Hallen, Arhus, Denmark, September 2nd 1970

* KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 3rd 1970

* Academy of Music, New York, USA, October 1st 1972 (with RAMATAM)